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Zombeast Stampede

Action Gioco creato da Keybol, Grifter101(20 Aug 2010)



Updated! 07/17/2010
- Default weapon for the next wave will be the last selected gun.
- Increased the first gun(pistol)'s reload speed and enemies spawn speed for the first set of waves to have more action early on and to instantly draw in new players.
- Added sound effects for Sis ally bow and arrow action,
enemies' death and gameover.
- During gameover screen, shooting sound on bg is now gone.
Zombeast Stampede is composed of 25 varied waves of lots of wonderfully designed and animated zombified animals, minibosses and a huge final boss. Each animal has its distinct characteristic and abilites.
Use mouse to aim and shoot at enemies. Pick up the dropped money to upgrade your gun, its stats and hire your family members as allies! Drag your allies to any of the 3 crates to use their powers!
Mom automatically absorbs money drops with her vacuum cleaner.
Dad uses his trusty hammer to repair your tower of crates.
Sister provides offensive support with her arrows!
Be careful! If you lose the crate they're in, you lose that ally too! But you can re-hire them as many times as you want after each wave.
You have 3 crates, upgrade them, repair them, and buy replacement for lost ones.
Can you survive the stampede?


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